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How it Works

Eclipcoin Crypto Exchange: Buy Bitcoin in a Single Click!

Eclipcoin is an easy-to-use, highly secure service where you can buy bitcoin at any time to diversify your investment portfolio. Purchasing, selling, and keeping your cryptocurrency has never been easier!

It makes sense that you are looking for the safest platform to buy bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. You might have heard about exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, or Binance, but their problem is their complexity. You should possess in-depth knowledge of crypto and the variety of documents and permissions to get bitcoin from the exchanges listed above. It might take a while to master those resources.

What you can do for a quick start is try Eclipcoin - fairly one of the best crypto exchanges out there. Even if you are new to the business, you can kickstart trading decentralized digital currency at any time. This cryptocurrency exchange company does not have rich history, but has already conquered a large share of the market. So, why should you invest in bitcoin today?

Trading Bitcoin at Eclipcoin: The Best Way to Invest Your Money

This cryptocurrency is a rather speculative and volatile asset. Stocks and bonds may give you the same thrill. It is harder to tell which type of investment is associated with higher risks, but there is one thing every financial expert knows for sure: bitcoin is a must-have for a good investment portfolio. A trader’s portfolio or wallet should consist of at least 10% of cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin has turned into a vital asset for tech experts and traders. It was the first decentralized cryptocurrency ever, making its former investors millionaires if not billionaires in just a few years! You can become one of them very soon thanks to our cryptoexchange.

The advantages of bitcoin include:

  • Huge growth potential. The coin’s value will grow along with trust and widespread usage. By the end of 2021, many experts predict that bitcoin might be worth $100,000. Thus, for those looking for ways to make fast money, it is one of the best perspectives.
  • Confidential and safe transactions. Has someone compromised your funds in the past? Forget about it! It is fast and easy to buy and sell bitcoin whenever you want. You should not worry about personal details like your full name or credit card number. We never store your data, guaranteeing you 100% privacy this way.
  • No intermediaries involved. No banking system can control bitcoin. The financial crisis created a need to create a currency like that.

We believe that these reasons are enough to benefit from our cryptoexchange today!

That Is Why People Choose Eclipcoin: 5 Good Reasons

Now, why would you like to have your account at Eclipcoin? Perhaps, you need some pro tips on investing for beginners. Except for the opportunity to purchase bitcoin, we will provide you with all courses trading. They have been in trading for as long as they can remember themselves. Our innovative platform providers complete guidance on how to invest, fees, liquidity volumes, blockchain technologies, mining hardware, and more. You will find out more about the art of trading bitcoin from our educational resources, Academy and Blog.

Choosing the right bitcoin exchange is a challenge as many online platforms offer this service today. You should consider different factors while choosing a website that will match your expectations. Some of the points include:

  • Availability of round-the-clock support via different channels
  • Daily trading volume (liquidity)
  • Cold storage (safety and security of transactions)
  • Ease of use
  • Beneficial exchange rate

Before registering, please check out other pages of our website. Do you accept our terms and conditions? Would you trust your money personal account to the team of enthusiasts who already gave thousands of clients from around the world?

This is your accounts best home and support, and we will help you to overcome the adverse consequences of the pandemic. Getting started is easier than you may think - make your first transaction now!


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Video review
What does the process of buying Bitcoin look like?

Buying bitcoin at Eclipcoin is as easy as ABC. You can purchase bitcoins by moving directly to the section titled, “Buy your first Bitcoin with your credit card today!” There, you can see the current exchange rate. You can buy/sell your coins in that window. Enter the desired amount and select the preferred payment method.

Please type in your real name and address. After that, our partner, KYC, will take care of the payment process. Keep in mind that we will ask you to provide documents proving your identity. The last stage is the payment itself. Just one more click - and you are there!

To get started, remember that we have three levels of verification. Each of them depends on your monthly limit.

  1. For 5000 USD/EUR - upload such documents as a national passport or ID card, driving license (if you have one), and a selfie with your preferred document.
  2. For 10000 USD/EUR - add a POA document (e.g., Bank Statement, Utility Bill, Mobile Phone Bill (document not older than 3 months), Council Tax Bill, etc.) Your docs should not be outdated (3-12 months).
  3. For 15000 USD/EUR - confirm your source of funds (e.g., Document confirming dividends, Loan agreement, Most recent Tax declaration, etc.)

The idea is to confirm your identity. We kindly ask you to share images of the highest quality as you can only trade from a verified account.

There are several ways to explain how this decentralized digital currency functions. The coins are computer-based files saved in digital wallets on one of your devices. Here is a context for you to understand:

  • Blockchain: An open-source code develops a shared public ledger. Every transaction is a separate block. A record for every transaction is generated.
  • Private and public keys: Crypto wallets include both public and private keys. They function together to make it possible to sign and authorize transactions.
  • Bitcoin miners: Miners have to verify the transaction using high-speed computers and special hardware. Miners are paid in bitcoin for their efforts.

It is critical that a buyer obtains sufficient support and assistance, especially when trading or using the specific platform for the first time. Eclipcoin is not the exception. You may reach out to the company’s representatives via live chat that is available 24/7. Also, we have an email address for your queries:

The primary payment method at our service is a credit/debit card. If you think about a different way to buy bitcoin on our site, the SEPA bank transfer option.

Sure, you only need to access Eclipcoin. Our platform is available for everyone except for some countries. You can trade on-the-go as our site is mobile-friendly. Please check the list of prohibited countries first.

Kuwait, Qatar, Ukraine, Serbia, Turkey, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Egypt, Ethiopia, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Mauritius, Morocco, Oman, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Trinidad & Tobago, Tunisia, Afghanistan, Algeria, Indonesia, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Korea (North Korea), Sudan, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Pakistan, Syria, Vanuatu, Crimea (sub-territory), United States, United States Outlying Islands, Guyana, Lao People’s Democratic Republic.

Every transaction is safe thanks to various security measures. Your privacy and safe storage of bitcoins are guaranteed. We keep on updating our security system all the time.

Once you complete the transaction, you’ll be able to review it and track the progress from your personal account at Eclipcoin.

Getting bitcoin to your account does not require much time at the Eclipcoin cryptoexchange. On the whole, you will not have to wait for more than 2 hours.

It is 15% for now. However, the percentage also depends on the volume of your wallet. The fees for greater volumes are lower.

This option is not yet available, but we are working on it. Also, in the closest future, we will develop and introduce our crypto wallet. Check out the updates!

This website is operated by Eclipcoin Technology OÜ.

Please note: purchasing or selling Cryptocurrency carry significant risk. Prices can fluctuate at any time.
Because of such fluctuations, Cryptocurrency may gain or lose value. This is your responsibility on how to handle your own assets.