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Why Eclipcoin?

Why Eclipcoin? It is a multifunctional service for buying, selling and storing cryptocurrencies. The feature of the service is the ability to buy the most liquid cryptocurrencies through a debit/сredit card in minutes. Eclipcoin offers users a secure system of investing in tokens. Thousands of users have already appreciated the functionality of the platform.

Built-in exchange for 10+ different cryptocurrencies
Built-in exchange for 10+ different cryptocurrencies
Multi signature confirmation for each transaction
Instant and fee-free transactions within Eclipcoin
Limits per day/week to help minimize the risk of theft
Coins are held in a cold storage
2FA, pin-code
Eclipcoin: crypto wallet

Eclipcoin: perfect place to manage your cryptocurrency portfolio:

  • Fast registration
  • Up-to-date market quotes for cryptocurrency
  • Instant purchase of Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and 10+ cryptocurrencies
  • No hidden fees
  • Protection of transactions and personal data

Variety of cryptocurrencies inside your wallet

Eclipcoin service allows you to buy and exchange cryptocurrencies in a couple of clicks, using VISA and MasterCard bank cards. You only need to perform a few actions:

  • Register an account
  • Complete Verification
  • Buy cryptocurrency to your wallet
  • Enjoy Eclipcoin!

Do you want to invest in cryptocurrency or sell your savings profitably?

Use Eclipcoin wallet to avoid high commissions and other overpayments. Making transactions to buy or sell coins is very easy. You don't need to go through the bureaucracy or wait for Blockchain to confirm your transaction. With Eclipcoin it takes seconds!

  1. Choose currency
  2. Enter the desired amount (USD/EUR) Our payment provider’s requirement - to provide some information about our clients. That's why you must give some information about yourself.
  3. Fill in cryptocurrency address
  4. You got your crypto on your balance!
We also support:
Buy crypto
BTC address must be yours and under your full control.

Eclipcoin Family

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Comment: Excellent service, where you can buy Bitcoins at a low price -excellent functionality -availability of support service -low commission
Comment: If you are not involved in mining, do not trade, and/or receive a salary in cryptocurrency, then you barely remember anything about crypto exchanges. What if one day you decide to give it a try? Most probably, you are interested in such a service with the lowest exchange rate. Well, at least, in my case that was the primary factor to consider. I was surfing the web, trying to find the best option. Eclipcoin is one of the relatively new crypto exchanges that changed my life for the better. I was totally impressed with the user-friendly interface, as well as terms and conditions. The rate is acceptable, and the transactions take place within two hours. That is why I would recommend this platform to everyone
Comment: I have been using this service for almost six months and my assessment is positive -Low rate -Fast support service -Withdrawal within 10-15 minutes There is a small selection of fiat currencies, although there are all popular currencies, and for complete convenience, I would like to have an application
Comment: I found this exchanger by accident and I want to recommend it after the first use. Nice young service with pleasant conditions
Comment: My Personal Opinion on Eclipcoin This is a great crypto exchange for people who know what they need for sure. If you decide on the amount of Bitcoin that you wish to own, getting this cryptocurrency with Eclipcoin is very simple. The company believes in personal responsibility and does everything to guarantee user's full security (e.g., encryption codes). Eclipcoin might seem stringent on their KYC verification levels, but it is only done to guarantee user's security, as I've got it later. The requirements on other sites looked even more terrifying to me, so I decided to stop with Eclipcoin.
Comment: At first, I had some doubts regarding Bitcoin. No, I wanted to invest some of my money, but most ways seemed too complicated to me. My buddy has told me that he trades at Eclipcoin. Well, I am still there. I appreciate the fast transactions and user-friendly interface. I am waiting impatiently for their own debit card and crypto wallet!
Comment: After giving it a try, I should admit that Eclipcoin is one of the best crypto exchange sites that i have ever met. I buy Bitcoin there because the rate is acceptable, I can use any of my debit cards, and I receive the coins within less than two hours. Other services made me wait for a while, and I was rather irritated. Now, I prefer Eclipcoin.
Comment: Cool Choice for Both Intermediate Users and Dummies After exploring multiple exchange platforms, I realized that the amount of documents that Eclipcoin requires is adequate. As I get it, they need it for security, and they promise to never share this information with the third parties. What I liked the most is customer support available via 24/7 live chat. They reply immediately, and, despite being new to business, I learned how to use the platform and buy bitcoins hassle-free in less than an hour.
Comment: Now when on the market we have a lot of exchanges to choose I definitely recommend Eclipcoin
Comment: I have only had good experience with Eclipcoin. Very professional
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What does the process of buying Bitcoin look like?

Buying bitcoin at Eclipcoin is as easy as ABC. You can purchase bitcoins by moving directly to the section titled, “Buy your first Bitcoin with your credit card today!” There, you can see the current exchange rate. You can buy/sell your coins in that window. Enter the desired amount and select the preferred payment method.
Please type in your real name and address. After that, our partner, KYC, will take care of the payment process. Keep in mind that we will ask you to provide documents proving your identity. The last stage is the payment itself. Just one more click - and you are there!

To get started, remember that we have three levels of verification. Each of them depends on your monthly limit. For 5000 USD/EUR - upload such documents as a national passport or ID card, driving license (if you have one), and a selfie with your preferred document. For 10000 USD/EUR - add a POA document (e.g., Bank Statement, Utility Bill, Mobile Phone Bill (document not older than 3 months), Council Tax Bill, etc.) Your docs should not be outdated (3-12 months). For 15000 USD/EUR - confirm your source of funds (e.g., Document confirming dividends, Loan agreement, Most recent Tax declaration, etc.) The idea is to confirm your identity. We kindly ask you to share images of the highest quality as you can only trade from a verified account.

There are several ways to explain how this decentralized digital currency functions. The coins are computer-based files saved in digital wallets on one of your devices. Here is a context for you to understand:

  • Blockchain: An open-source code develops a shared public ledger. Every transaction is a separate block. A record for every transaction is generated.
  • Private and public keys: Crypto wallets include both public and private keys. They function together to make it possible to sign and authorize transactions.
  • Bitcoin miners: Miners have to verify the transaction using high-speed computers and special hardware. Miners are paid in bitcoin for their efforts.

It is critical that a buyer obtains sufficient support and assistance, especially when trading or using the specific platform for the first time. Eclipcoin is not the exception. You may reach out to the company’s representatives via live chat that is available 24/7. Also, we have an email address for your queries:

The primary payment method at our service is a credit/debit card. If you think about a different way to buy bitcoin on our site, the SEPA bank transfer option.

Yes! Eclipcoin now accepts SEPA bank wires. SEPA wire transfers can be sent in Euro only and are available in most European countries. Check with your bank before you send your wire to make sure your bank is SEPA enabled.

No, you should never share your password or PIN with anyone including a family member or broker. You are fully responsible for the security of your login information including your email address. If you choose to share your password or PIN with a 3rd party user, you take full responsibility for the actions of that user.

Your purchase and verification history are saved to Eclipcoin your account. This allows you to make future purchases without restarting the process from the beginning.

Eclipcoin is a fully regulated financial services provider and is obligated to identify our customers using the same due diligence required by a bank. Your personal verification process is unique to you and based on your order value, history, country of residence, as well as other security-related data. We do our best to request the correct documents during the checkout process, but your order may need to be reviewed by a customer service agent who may require supplementary documentation.

By law, banks and other financial organizations must have satisfactory proof of your identity. The proof they need may change from time to time – criminals are always looking for new ways of using other people’s identities. The banks and building societies will continue to work with the government to make sure that the system is flexible enough to meet changing circumstances. Our aim is to make sure that everyone who is genuinely applying for an account can open accounts and use financial services. You can help by thinking about the documents you can provide and by discussing your situation with staff if you have difficulties.

Yes, all Eclipcoin clients need to verify their identity before they can purchase cryptocurrency.

Eclipcoin is a fully regulated financial services provider and is obligated to identify our customers using the same due diligence required by a bank. Your personal verification process is unique to you and based on your order value, history, country of residence, as well as other security-related data. We do our best to request the correct documents during the checkout process, but your order may need to be reviewed by a customer service agent who may require supplementary documentation.

This website is operated by Eclipcoin Technology OÜ.

Please note: purchasing or selling Cryptocurrency carry significant risk. Prices can fluctuate at any time.
Because of such fluctuations, Cryptocurrency may gain or lose value. This is your responsibility on how to handle your own assets.