Bitcoin continues to sag, while other coins show growth

Bitcoin price continues to fall below $38,000 and has already begun its new decline. His price started dropping to $37200 just a couple of hours ago. If it is openly clear that his price will be $34000, in which case we should see an increase in the next day

On the other hand, we are seeing good movement in most other coins. ETH/USD holds a stable price of $1150, but also they may face a price of around $1250.

Bitcoin Price

After another drop to nearly $38,000, the bitcoin price launched a new wave. Bitcoin has clawed its way below $37200 and even $36500 per coin. It has also broken the bar below $35500 and it looks like we could see the price below $35,000 in the near future.

The main drop has now locked in at a price of $34,000. A really close price below $34,000 could lead to a further drop in subsequent sessions.

The price of Etherium.

The price of Etherium holds a position above $1,150 and $1,165 per coin. Etherium is stuck between above $1,150 and below $1,250. If the market trades more actively to the point where the price jumps above $1,250 and $1,265, there is every chance of reaching a price as high as $1,300.

On the bad side, the weekly market review displayed a price of $1,150, and the worst-case scenario could be a price below $1,000 for entry.

Other altcoins market today

In the last few hours, several altcoins are up more than 8%, including ZEN, GRT, CRV, OCEAN, KSM, and REN. Of them all, ZEN is up 30% and has continued its rise of more than 60% in the last week.

To summarize, the bitcoin price is showing some negative signals below $3,500 and $3,7200. If the price drops below $34,000 we can safely expect a rise in the next few days.

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