Why Should You Hurry Up to Invest in Bitcoin Now?

Is it the right time to invest in bitcoin? In 2021, the experts forecast a great, speedy boost in many cryptocurrencies. Should you become a BTC trader? Read more about what successful people think.

This story is shared by Ethan Goldenberg, a financial expert at Global Asset Finance Limited. Having 10+ years in the finance and cryptocurrency market, he started trading BTC recently. He explains what motivated him to act and which great people inspired him. Ethan also kindly shares his vision of what a bitcoin investor or trader needs.

People are facing challenging times globally because of the COVID-19 pandemic. They mostly affect us in an economic sense. Inflation, unemployment, poverty - global lockdown has brought the world economy to a grinding halt. However, while some people see only adverse consequences, others see more opportunities.

For instance, it is the right time for reshaping and implementing digital strategies and benefit from applying new technologies.

Another question is whether you can count on trading as one of the ways to preserve your capital or even grow it. Is it safe to invest now? How about purchasing bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies – does it make any sense?

Just a bit more of lyrics. Did you know that the Chinese word for crisis is the combination of two words, crisis “危” and opportunity “机?” It’s all about an opportunity in disguise, and you should not be scared of trying something new.

It is true then that crypto works against the grain of the traditional financial system as there is no need for an intermediary in the face of a bank. However, it seems like yesterday, cryptocurrencies weren’t immune to the global crisis.

The digital currency had gone through numerous wild price swings since its release back in 2009. Still, investors have been flocking to cryptocurrencies because of the coronavirus-driven volatility on global stock markets.

It would be unfair not to recall a bloodbath on one of the 2020 Fridays. The major reason is that many people gravitate away from risky assets and revert to survival mode at times of panic. Even after that, bitcoin may not have lost its safe-haven status.

So, traditional currencies keep on losing their value. Many people are still in a panic, having no idea what to do and how to survive. Isn’t it the right time to follow a famous Chinese proverb and benefit from using opportunities? One of the best ways might be trading bitcoins (or just buying BTC and selling it).

What Motivated Me to Invest in Crypto

The abnormal increase in the investment of crypto in February 2020-June 2020 stimulated me to learn more about this specific type of money and start investing very soon. Sure, there was a rapid, apparent drop in bitcoin’s price later, but it managed to rehabilitate soon. I also discovered how users who invested their 1,200 dollars from the CARES ACT benefited from their decision.

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Sure thing: an educated population can predict the devaluation of the fiat currency. What if you have no clue how to do that? Then, investment in popular cryptocurrencies can be a rather prospective venture despite the highly volatile nature. I was relatively new to business back in October 2020, so I had to consult experts to decide where to invest safely, with the highest likelihood of reasonable return on investment (ROI).

Many field experts believe that demand for bitcoins will probably increase in the months to come. Even though the pandemic is not over yet (and no one knows how long it will last for sure), the insider info shared by the financial market analysts claims that bitcoin’s price will go up in 2021. It might be a smooth or rapid growth – no one knows for sure. It means being able to sell your assets for more than you initially invested. Here is what I have discovered in particular after analyzing famous financial resources:

“There is nothing wrong with bitcoin. This currency is free of central bank control; it is decentralized; and it can serve as a store of value for those who lose faith in the fiat money.”

Jake Mann

Editor, Insider Monkey

“I believe that this rebellious world is prepared for a decentralized currency that would be controlled by people instead of banks. I agree that crypto still has a journey ahead of it. However, it is getting simpler and simpler to appeal to the wider audiences.”

Robert Lons

Co-founder of

“Being a viable currency, bitcoin takes power away from the governments and the FED’s ability to print money into infinity. I definitely love this idea. Besides, crypto is back on track, promising good ROI to those who own it.”

Merlin Rothfeld

Power Trading Radio Host and Instructor at Online Trading Academy

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I have also listened to experts like Dan Morehead, CEO, and co-chief investment officer of Pantera Capital. They were the first organization to purchase bitcoins. During the 2017 boom, Dan’s company managed to earn a 24,000% ROI. The man still believes in bitcoin and foresees a significant jump in price over an upcoming couple of years.

Sure, I had no idea where to start from, so I observed various options and online trading platforms. I have analyzed various sources of financial information to pick a trustworthy service. I have also consulted my buddies who have already tried and made money in a short period of time. Finally, I have hired one certified financial expert who shared

While you keep on sitting and waiting for a miracle to happen, your cash simply loses its value. It does not mean whether you own dollars, euros, or other national currency. For you, the COVID-19 pandemic is an excellent opportunity to improve your life rather than something totally negative and scary. You may start doing things differently today by choosing to invest in bitcoin. Trading bitcoins will change your thinking and bring out the entrepreneur in you.

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