Does Converting Stellar to Bitcoin Make Any Sense?

Written by Ethan Goldenberg Financial expert @ Global Asset Finance Limited, 10+ years in the finance and cryptocurrency market In the last ten years, blockchain solutions have entered various spheres of life. Many people still associate this technology with the financial sector or crypto market. The first decentralized currency, Bitcoin, appeared back in 2009, and it was the beginning of an... read more

How to Store Bitcoin After You Buy It

Bitcoin is going up rapidly. You can never know when it’s going to turn back, but you should at least try to diversify your investment portfolio. If you do not wish to take high risks by trading in real-time, just purchase BTC and store it elsewhere. Yes, after you purchase bitcoin, you will need a place to store it. That is where you may get stuck. While exchanges like Eclipcoin exist for buying... read more

Why Should You Hurry Up to Invest in Bitcoin Now?

This story is shared by Ethan Goldenberg, a financial expert at Global Asset Finance Limited. Having 10+ years in the finance and cryptocurrency market, he started trading BTC recently. He explains what motivated him to act and which great people inspired him. Ethan also kindly shares his vision of what a bitcoin investor or trader needs. People are facing challenging times globally because of th... read more

Bitcoin Vocabulary: Let’s Define the Common Terms Together

If you need a Bitcoin definition, you should read other articles on our blog dedicated to this cryptocurrency. To understand it in full, you also need to be aware of the latest bitcoin news, as well as relevant terminology. Below, we highlight the most common terms that you can meet on your way. Say if we missed something! Automated market maker (AMM) serves as a part of a decentralized exchange.... read more

Find Out How to Determine Bitcoin Price More-or-Less Accurately

Written by Ethan Goldenberg Financial expert @ Global Asset Finance Limited, 10+ years in the finance and cryptocurrency market What is the price of bitcoin today? This question prevents many people from sleeping well. After Tesla invested $1.5 billion in Nakamoto's revolutionary project, the value of a single coin grew over 50,000 dollars - the highest point in its history. You’ll never know fo... read more

Litecoin vs Bitcoin: The Battle of Two Giants… Or a Union?

Written by Ethan Goldenberg Financial expert @ Global Asset Finance Limited, 10+ years in the finance and cryptocurrency market Will Litecoin be as big as Bitcoin? Is LTC better than BTC? Who will win the battle Litecoin vs Bitcoin cash? We have bad news for you: no one can tell you for sure. One thing that we can say is that these two are among the top three most popular cryptocurrencies nowada... read more

The Difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum: Who Wins?

Digital money is gaining more and more popularity with every new day. Crypto is a revolution in the world of money. The best thing is that no third party controls it. No government or bank can issue crypto coins or prohibit them. A central bank cannot access your crypto wallet or confiscate digital currencies. In 2020, the prices of most cryptocoins went down because of the pandemic. However, the... read more

How to Buy Bitcoins and Use Crypto Wallet

With each new day, new approaches to buying Bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency, appear. You may have no idea that your preferred payment system already allows purchasing the crypto right to your wallet. If you have a PayPal account, for instance, you can start immediately. In this post, we will cover the ways to buy cryptocurrency. What Is a Crypto Wallet? What for You May Need One?A cry... read more

10 Reasons to Buy Bitcoin in 2021 and Raise Your Capital

10 Reasons to Buy Bitcoin in 2021 and Raise Your CapitalNever put all eggs in one basket! This wisdom will never die, and it is specifically relevant during the times of pandemic caused by COVID-19. Many people around the globe faced significant economic losses. Did you know that the bitcoin might achieve $100,000 in price by December 2021? It does not matter where you come from - this digital... read more

Bitcoin continues to sag, while other coins show growth

Bitcoin price continues to fall below $38,000 and has already begun its new decline. His price started dropping to $37200 just a couple of hours ago. If it is openly clear that his price will be $34000, in which case we should see an increase in the next dayOn the other hand, we are seeing good movement in most other coins. ETH/USD holds a stable price of $1150, but also they may face a price of a... read more

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